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Sabb elections voting to open in February

Image credit: Exeter Guild
Image credit: Exeter Guild

Voting for the Students’ Guild Sabbatical Officer elections will open at the beginning of Campaigns Week on Monday 3 February at 9am.

The week will see candidates take to campus to campaign for the votes of the student body, as well as take part in the annual XpressionFM candidate debates. Candidates will be able to campaign anywhere on campus, except for the A&V hub in Devonshire House. The election results will be announced on Friday 7 February in The Lemon Grove.

Voting will take place with the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system which ranks candidates in order of preference, and each voter will have one vote per sabbatical position. Students will be able to cast their vote on the Guild website.

In the 2013 Sabbatical Officer elections, 5992 students turned out to vote, representing 34 per cent of the student body. This was 6 per cent below the Guilds’ target turnout of 40 per cent. This year also sees a target of 40 per cent turnout, which would require approximately 7400 students to vote, due to the increase in student numbers.

Nominations for the sabbatical roles, which opened on Monday 13 January, close on Friday 24 January. This year’s elections mark a change to the job descriptions and titles of particular sabbatical officer positions, as VP Participation and Campuses becomes VP Activities, VP Academic Affairs changes to VP Education and VP Welfare and Community shifts to VP Welfare and Diversity. Students will also be able to vote for the Guilds’ International Officer, Postgraduate Officer and St Luke’s Officer during the same election period.

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