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Student photography to be displayed in Exeter’s underground passages

Image credit: Exeter Guild
Image credit: Exeter Guild

Works from Exeter’s finest student photographers are to be displayed in an exhibition in Exeter’s Underground Passages. Running as part of Arts week ‘Into the Rabbit Hole’ aims to celebrate the creativity of Exeter students by showcasing their work. Organised by the University’s Raising and Giving society (RAG), the event will be open to both students and members of the public.

The overall theme of the event is “the surreal”, and visitors are asked to prepare themselves “for the unknown, the unexpected and the utterly bizarre”. As a result, the underground passages will be transformed into a grotto with decorations and photos which suit the theme.

Event organiser Milly Hindle said: “The photographers involved in the exhibition represent a broad range of photographic interests- the pictures range from local photos to exotic landscapes and, of course, surreal situations.”

The exhibition promises to be an ‘utterly interactive experience’ with visitors moving through the tunnels able to both view and interact with the works of art on display.

Milly Hindle said: “I wanted people to not only view the photos at a distance, but to engage with them on a tangible level. I will be experimenting with photo cubes, where the visitors can actually hold them and physically interact with the photographs on them.”

In response to accusations that the event would be considered hipster, she said that the exhibition was “designed to create an atmosphere unlike that of everyday life. It certainly amalgamates a variety of styles together and could be said to respond to a hipster-like aim of creating something new.”

Exeter’s underground passages date back to the 14th century and are unique in Britain. Running underneath Exeter high street, they are the only passage system of their type which can be explored by the British public.

At the end of the exhibition visitors will be able to purchase copies of the photographs. All proceeds from the event will go to RAG’s nominated charities, which include Devon Freewheelers, an emergency motorcycle courier service for the NHS, and Rainbow Trust, who support families with terminally ill children.

‘Into the Rabbit Hole’ takes place on March 12th at 7:30PM. Tickets for the event cost £4 (or £5 for non-students) and are available from the guild website.

Michael Goodier, News Team

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