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What’s on @ Arts Fest 2014


Giverny Masso, Online Arts Editor, outlines what is going on this week as part of the University’s Arts Fest.

Arts-fest-logo-sq-RecoveredArts Fest, from the 10th to the 16th of March, is a week celebrating arts at the University. During the week there are more than 60 dance, arts, music, photography and comedy activities and performances.

Highlights so far have included live music in the Ram, DanceSport society performing live in the Forum, and a life drawing session with Art Society.

There are still many exciting things to come over the next few days, so make sure that you don’t miss out. Below we have listed a few events that we think look great:

Grand Art Exhibition in the Forum

What: Art society students will be exhibiting some of their work on Forum Street.

When: Thursday March 13th, Friday the 14th March; 9am-6pm

Where: The Forum


Gilbert and Sullivan's Iolanthe Image credit: Niklas Rahmel
Gilbert and Sullivan’s Iolanthe
Image credit: Niklas Rahmel

Fashion Society Showcase

What: Fashion Society will be showcasing their latest designs and the latest fashions.

When:  March 13th; noon-4pm

Where: Forum Street


Gilbert and Sullivan’s Iolenthe

What: G&S invite you to their production of ‘Iolanthe’ at the Northcott Theatre. The show is a political satire operetta focused around Strephon, a half mortal and half immortal shepherd. Click here for further details.

When:  March 13th, 14th, 15th; 7.30-10 pm

Where: The Northcott theatre


Classic Society’s Lysistrata

What: A comedy by Aristophanes in which all the Greek woman plot to withhold sex from the men in order to end the war.

When: March 14th, 15th; 7-9pm

Where: M&D Room


How clean are your clothes? With Catherine Cartwright

What: Come and meet local artist Catherine Cartwright and get involved in a project exploring Fashion Ethics “How Clean are your Clothes?” Find out about your favourite brands and join in a unique visual survey where your clothes are captured through drawing.

When: March 17th; 11am-3pm

Where: The Forum


There are plenty more exciting events, click here to see the full schedule on the Student Guild’s Website.

There is also Arts Week to look forward to in June, run by the Exeter University Arts and Culture team. If you would like to run your own workshop, have a performance, or work back stage then click here for more information.


Giverny Masso, Online Arts Editor

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