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An Open Letter to the Prosecco Progressive


Rachel Brown responds to this article.

Dear Prosecco Progressive

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

Feminism is a word. A word, I believe – nay, sincerely hope – does not rely upon your “A Defence of Feminism” article for posterity. You may be our first advocate to claim feminism is “gender imbalanced” and “can alienate men” so you “prefer to talk about gender equality”. Curious objections too, given you define feminism as “essentially about gender equality”.

“Different words have different meanings to different people.” Yet my learned friend has navigated our broad church, whittling our diverse voices down to the core: gender equality. Congratulations, not only do you summit the spires, you have captured our essence – despite the differences – to create a new paradigm: The essentialist anti-essentialist.

Why is it we have overwhelmingly more men than women in Parliament? Thank you for alleviating us of that tiresome structure versus agency debate. Women need to see their peers in “positions of power” to facilitate that eureka exclamation: “Hey! I can do the power stuff, like the men!”  But you are right, even now, “women can be successful” – especially with a leg up from the “positive discrimination” brigade (please note: those feminists approving tend to at least add spin, naming it “affirmative action”).

I suggest there is good cause, beyond your own ideological hypocrisy, to stay off the bubbles: In the name of reason, please sober up your sense of judgement.


Yours, regrettably

Rachel E. Brown



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