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Should we stop Sabbatical candidates using flyers?


This week, Exeter students are encouraged to have their say on the issue of whether we should stop Sabbatical candidates from using flyers.

Those arguing in favour of the motion say:

We believe that the use of flyers during guild election week is a wasteful, needless, annoying and a waste of time on behalf of the candidates.

We hold these views as the amount of paper printed and used is environmentally destructive, especially considering they are rarely looked at by people as they are just given to anyone at any time. In this modern age of social media it seems incomprehensible that candidates would rely on such an outdated and irritating technique to get their message across.

Of course we believe that posters and banners are fine, as these have the advantage of being used by many people, are easier to recycle and can be ignored if the students wish it.

If this motion is passed we endeavour to work closely with the guild to ensure better training of candidates and that alternatives are in place.

Image Credit: Niklas Rahmel
Image Credit: Niklas Rahmel

Those arguing against the motion argue:

Flyers remain an important part of any advertising campaign for local events, club nights and shops, so do flyers for election campaigns.

They are something tangible that can be given to passers-by who might otherwise not have the time to stop and talk to candidates.

This is a vitally important means of ensuring that campaigns have an equal opportunity to reach all students.

Although social media is an alternative, without flyers campaigns run the risk of becoming popularity contests with the deciding factor being which candidates have the most friends on Facebook.

Whilst posters and banners would still be available to candidates, they are much easier to ignore and more likely to be forgotten than a physical reminder in the form of a flyer.

There is absolutely a need for us to look at all the resources we use and see how we can reduce, reuse and recycle, but flyers allow effective marketing to be carried out.

You can vote on the issue here.

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