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BBC Radio broadcast live from The Forum

Matt Woodley and Grace Hopper from BBC Radio Devon in The Forum
Matt Woodley and Grace Hopper from BBC Radio Devon in The Forum.
Photo by Niklas Rahmel.

BBC Radio Devon listeners were entertained by Bill Buckley’s lunchtime program on Tuesday 11 March as it was broadcast live from the Forum alongside the Diversity Fair. On the day Exeter’s Streatham campus hosted the broadcast as well as welcoming visitors who embarked on a Sculpture Walk around the grounds as part of BBC Radio Devon’s 2014 series of walks.

The tour took visitors to popular destinations like Reed Hall and the Chapel, where they were serenaded by Exeter’s Choral Society. The performance was recorded by BBC Radio Devon and broadcast as part of their lead up to a performance of ‘The Armed Man’ by Karl Jenkins  at the Cathedral on Saturday. “It was great to have BBC Radio Devon come along to record us,” said Joshua Creek, a second year member of Exeter’s Choral Society, adding, “I also enjoyed the sculpture walk, it helped me appreciate parts of the campus that I usually wouldn’t pay attention to”.

Mr Buckley also had the opportunity to speak with various members of staff from the university and the mix of student societies attending the Diversity Fair. His program followed the theme of belonging, and he was interested in how international students found moving away from their home countries and taking residence in Exeter.

The Diversity Fair was put on as part of a wider Diversity Month that celebrates the vast array of cultures represented within the student body, Exeter being home to students of over 130 different nationalities. The biggest event on the Diversity Month calendar is the Diversity Ball on 21 March, which will bring together 400 students in what will surely be a lively celebration.

Gemma Joyce, Games Editor

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