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Campusboard: a new student selling space

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Image credit: Campusboard.co.uk

“Campusboard”, a website set up by student Seva Baskin, provides a medium for Exeter University students across all three campuses to trade anything from textbooks to electronics for free.

The website is very simple, functioning in a similar manner to Gumtree, the UK’s largest classifieds site.

In order to sign up to the service, students need only provide their Exeter email address and a password. Once registered, they are welcome to post any items they wish to sell on the site alongside a photo, description and asking price. If another student shows interest, they are able to contact the seller through the website with an offer. If accepted, the buyer and seller then agree where and when they would like to meet, either on campus or in the city, in order to complete the transaction.

The website certainly addresses a niche in the Exeter University market: the highly sought-after platform through which students can sell their second-hand textbooks, frequently cited in the manifestos of both past and more recent Guild SABB candidates.

The Guild finally answered these calls in February this year with its unwanted books scheme, through which students are invited to donate and sell their unwanted books on the Guild webstore for a 20 percent administration charge, and a further charge if the books are to be delivered.

Campusboard, however, differs from this in two key areas: that the transaction remains purely between buyer and seller – no other costs are incurred to either party, and that it sells more than just textbooks.

Although used textbooks constitute the majority of items listed, offerings are as diverse as iPhones, accommodation, musical instruments, sports equipment, and even handmade jewellery and custom photo frame designs.

Baskin, website founder and Computer Science and Economics students, started working on the website in Summer 2013 and writes on the page’s “About” section, that he has “always had a passion for building useful products”.

With 167 listings at present, a figure that continues to grow every day, the service has most certainly proven its utility, and seems set to become the primary port-of-call for all student buying and selling needs.

Interested? Check out the website here.

Fiona Potigny, News Team

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