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Holi festival on campus

Image credit: Niklas Rahmel
Image credit: Niklas Rahmel

Holi festival was celebrated on campus on Sunday 16 March as part of the University of Exeter’s Diversity Month.

The Hindu festival was commemorated in The Ram Garden, adjacent to Devonshire house, with traditional food, powder paint, water filled balloons and entertainment.

Holi is the ancient Hindu festival of colour and is a national holiday in India. Also referred to as the festival of love, it is traditionally celebrated with water fights and coloured paint. It has also become a popular event with non-Hindus as well as other cultures and communities.

All students of the University were welcome to celebrate the carnival atmosphere organised by Exeter’s Asian Society. 150 tickets were made available for the event and priced at £6 for members and £7 for non-members.

Reema Patel, a second year Maths and Economics student commented: “It’s so important that festivals from all cultures are embraced on campus. Personally, I think it’s great to be able to have the Holi or Diwali atmosphere around despite living so far from home. I really appreciate how enthusiastic and willing people are to learn about the different festivals within my culture”.

Events organised as part of Diversity Month have proved highly successful for the Guild, with the Diversity Ball due to occur on Friday 21 March. More information on Diversity Month is available on the Guild Website.

Jak Curtis-Rendall, VP Participation and Campuses, said: “The Holi celebration has been a fantastic opportunity to work very closely with the Asian Society to organise a brand new sell-out international event on campus. Holi is a very important event in the Hindu calendar, so it really was amazing to celebrate it on campus for the first time. I look forward to working with the Students’ Guild and the University to develop further international events on our campuses”.

Vanessa Tracey, Copy Editor

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