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A Thank You Message From a Sabb


VP Participation and Campuses Jak Curtis-Rendall says thank you to all those who have been involved in Exeposé this year.

Dear Meg, Jon, Olivia, Liam and the entire print and online editorial team:

I write this Comment piece (admittedly my first!) as your last press week comes together. As is normal for press week the office is a nerve centre of activity, paper is littered across the office, Domino’s boxes are stacked up high, vital conversations battle to be heard over the music playing (Meg has had her way with Mumford blasting out!), while the effects of a long term two are becoming increasingly all too apparent amongst every single one of you!

Photo Credit: FunFelt via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: FunFelt via Compfight cc

Yet despite an inevitable last press week tinge of sadness in the air, this week has been exactly the same as all the others this year – with all of you continuing to show the same great passion, enthusiasm and creativity that you have shown for Exeposé, journalism and also the wider student media throughout the entire year. The quality, professionalism and variety of content produced by all sections this year has been truly staggering.

Meanwhile the news teams have provided a fantastic mix of compelling investigations, striking headlines and also highlights of successes – all in an extremely balanced, professional manner. Exeposé Online has also really gone from strength to strength, firmly establishing itself this year with great coverage of events such as the EDL marches and Sabbatical Elections, and its unique online content.

It has been an absolute joy and pleasure to work with all of you throughout your editorial year, while obviously keeping enough distance to ensure I was never treading on your independent toes! You should be extremely proud of the year you have had, and the strong legacy you have ensured.

I know you will all go onto successful futures; some of you no doubt continuing the investigative journalistic habits you have developed so well! As goodbye time draws nearer I really look forward to celebrating your achievements with you over the next couple of months, and of course with you at your usual Rameoke pint after the last edition has been proofed.

Massive congratulations on your year, and thank you.

Jak Curtis-Rendall

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