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Record candidates for Student Elections

Image credit: Exeter Guild
Image credit: Exeter Guild

A record number of candidates are running in this year’s Student Elections. 314 candidates, excluding withdrawals, are running this year for a variety of roles including Academic Representatives and Student Leaders.

In the 2013 elections 86 candidates stood, excluding withdrawals. This year sees a marked increase, partially due to an increased number of roles being contested.

This year, 11 Student Trustee candidates are standing, as opposed to nine last year. Guild Councillor candidates have also increased, with 19 candidates standing for 11 councillor or chair seats, up from 12 candidates for nine seats last year.

Subject Chairs only have four vacant posts (providing nominations are not reopened) this year, less than the six vacant posts in 2013.

Gary McLachlan, Policy and Research Manager for the Students’ Guild commented: “Comparatively this is the largest number of candidates across different rounds we’ve ever handled; and our communications has been far more efficient using MailChimp to make better email contact with candidates while keeping staff time more focussed on support rather than mechanical processes.

“We’ll be filling a far more significant proportion of the posts in this round – to the point where most SSLCs will be ready to go when the new academic year starts rather than a month or so later.

“Overall this has been an incredible year in terms of the number of students coming forward for elections in all areas.”

Alex Louch, VP Academic Affairs, commented: “The Student Elections include a high number of extremely important student roles and I’m really pleased that so many students  nominated themselves. This is a reflection of Exeter’s unique culture of students who get involved, volunteer, and represent fellow students within the Students’ Guild”.

A first year PPE student commented: “Its really fantastic to see so many students taking an active interest in democratic affairs around campus, and bodes really well for the future.”

Louis Doré, News Editor

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