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Student behaviour complaints remain at similar level for past three years

Image credit: Telegraph
Image credit: Telegraph

Complaints made to the University of Exeter regarding student behaviour have remained at similar levels over the past three years, though there has been a slight increase at Cornwall Campus.

The figures, released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) and originally obtained by the Express and Echo, show that for each of the last three academic years around 200 complaints are made about student behaviour.

The statistics have remained fairly constant, with no obvious patterns of growth or decline emerging in any of the given areas, though this could be seen as a real-term drop given the continued increases in the size of the student population.

This year’s figures are incomplete, but to date 83 complaints have been made, with the highest number – 34 – categorised as relating to “domestic noise”, followed by refuse/bins, street noise, cars/parking and “other low level anti-social behaviour”. 12 complaints have also been made with no proof of student connection.

These trends largely mirror those from the previous years, but despite last year’s total of 230 complaints being the highest in the period, it was in 2010/11 when domestic noise complaints were at their highest, with the figures from 2012/13 being higher for low level anti-social behaviour.

Rory Cunningham, Exeter’s Community Liaison Officer, said: “We are encouraged by the relatively consistent number of complaints, despite the gradual rise in student numbers. The majority of complaints this academic year relate to domestic noise and issues are usually addressed without repeat problems.

“We also gather positive feedback from community stakeholders at a range of community meetings – including our bi-annual Resident Liaison Group meetings. The next Community Survey will be circulated in the next few months”.

Penryn Campus, meanwhile, has seen a steady increase in the number of complaints, rising from 145 in 2010/11, to 152 the following year, and 192 last year.

The trend could be set to increase this year, as already 116 complaints have been made, with those relating to anti-social behaviour already topping 2010/11 and 2011/12 levels. Noise complaints appear relatively low to date though.

Harrison Jones, Online News Editor

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