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Police search for a ‘distressed man’ spotted on campus

AERIAL VIEWS 7/6/05 Exeter from the air. Exeter University Campus. OLIVER SANDERS XDD07016_OS_041  gv
Image Credit: Express and Echo

Officers attended Streatham Drive at Exeter University on Wednesday 26 March at 3.30pm responding to a report of a man in tears at a fishpond in the university grounds.

Thought to be in his 20s, the man was of medium to thin build, 5ft 10in tall, unshaven with short curly hair, wearing an all green outfit with trousers rolled up to the top of his ankles and without shoes. He also had a mark around his neck.

Exeter Police, after failure to trace or identify the man, have appealed to the public for help. If anyone sees the distressed man, they should contact the Police on 101, quoting log number 0449.14.

Hugh Bendor-Samuel, News Team 

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