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Review: Made in Chelsea


Online Screen Editor, Emma Sudderick, takes a look at what Chelsea holds in store for us in the coming months.

After months of desperately craving the indulgence of awkward silences and tiny dogs, Monday April 7 2014 saw everyone’s favourite reality show return to E4.

Image Credit: Wikipedia
Image Credit: Wikipedia

Made in Chelsea has successfully graced our screens with a plethora of unfortunate encounters, tinted cinematography and champagne for seven series now and shows no signs of changing anytime soon.

This series promises to be as voyeuristic and guiltily pleasurable as ever, complete with desperate romantic gestures from Jamie and even more desperate romantic advances from Spencer.

It is a given, especially after the first episode, that the cast will throw an almost excessive number of parties which even Exeter’s elite can only dream of.

We can expect more relentless gossiping and more priceless lines from Mark Francis to be thrown about, particularly concerning high-street fashion and friendship with those guilty of donning Topshop.

This series promises to be just as addictive as the last, with rumours that Alex has cheated on Binky seeming to take precedence over all other matters in Chelsea. Will the only happy relationship in the show be battered down by devilish rumours?

Image Credits: Metro
Image Credits: Metro

But other pressing questions remain unanswered:

Will Victoria make any more outlandishly cruel comments to Cheska, or was her apology genuine?

Who will Jamie declare his love for this time? (Perhaps himself?)

Is Andy likely to follow in Caggie and Gabriella’s footsteps and leave Chelsea to further a career in music? He is, after all, scheduled to play at The Cavern, Exeter on July 1 2014 as part of his tour.

Exepose Screen asked its followers to send in their predictions about the upcoming series. Your responses were great (and probably very accurate!).







With many questions left unanswered at the end of Series 6, there is little doubt that Made in Chelsea will cause an eruption of Monday night speculative conversations and will be trending on Twitter immediately.


Emma Sudderick, Online Screen Editor


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