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An interview with Mallory Knox


Lauren Edwards has a chat with Dave Rawling and James Gillett of Mallory Knox prior to their Bristol show.


How has the reception for the new album been for you?

James: It’s going down really well, it’s always a nervy thing when you start playing new songs, even with recording you question which ones people are going to relate to and which ones are going to go down well. On tour it’s hard to pick a set list with elements of the whole album to try and keep everybody happy, but, you can definitely see which ones are going to be the bigger songs.


Personally, which is your favourite song on the new album?

Dave: My favourite is ‘She Took Him to the Lake’. I think the reason is that it was essentially two separate songs and when we got to the studio it was an idea to just join them together, so that’s where the middle bit came from.

J: Yeah, it was a risk doing a seven minute song in case people got bored but at the end of the day if it works it will be a reward because people will be like bloody hell they’ve done a two track song, it’s a bit of a journey, like it changes like it has even got a massive tempo change. My favourite is ‘When Are We Waking Up’ I don’t know why, I just like it, and it’s a banger.

Zane Lowe has put ‘Ghost in the Mirror’ in the running for Hottest Record of 2014. How does that feel?

D: That’s incredible man obviously, when you think you’re getting backing from one of the biggest radio stations out there and their DJs, for any type of music no matter what you play it’s incredible.

J: We’ve been really fortunate with Radio1 backing us and stuff, it’s a good asset to have. It can only be a good thing, getting it out to thousands of people is what it’s all about. Hopefully, the more people you get it out to, the more people will hear it and will like it. That’s the plan anyway.

What was the difference working with a producer this time round?

J: Gil Norton said he wanted to work on the record and we were like blown away, he has worked with people like the Foo Fighters and the Pixies. I think the main difference was the pre-production, we had never done that before because we didn’t have the time or money. With this one we went in with 14 tracks and if of those 14 tracks Gil decided 6 of them were rubbish we were stuffed because we had nothing else. We trust his opinion, he has been there, he has produced massive albums and we tried to go there with an open mind and go alright let’s try it. Sometimes it worked out and we were like yeah lets go with that then other times we weren’t afraid to say if we didn’t like it , like no one can be as passionate about it as the band themselves. You hear horror stories about some producers changing things and then you get the other ones who don’t care but, it was great working in partnership with him.



How has your tour been so far?

D: It has been absolutely brilliant, from day one it kicked off in Coventry and it was incredible, every crowd we’ve had has been very responsive, obviously they haven’t had too long to digest the album and stuff but, the further we get into it the longer the people will have had the album. It’s crazy that the last time we played in Liverpool we played to 15 people and this was about two/three years ago and actually getting to go back to have a huge crowd was incredible. Every show has been insane, all building up to the big ones in London.

You played close to home recently – where are you looking forward to most?

D: It was nice to get home and stuff like that but you can’t ever really say. I’m really looking forward to the two ballroom shows because it’s the ballroom and they’re sold out, but, pretty much looking forward to all the shows.

J: Every show has been absolutely brilliant, it has all been pretty rammed and I don’t think we’ve had a bad show. I know sometimes you do and sometimes the crowd aren’t up for it as much. Even if they’re not moving, the rooms still full and they’re singing along, they’re just not jumping around. I don’t think there’s one I’m looking forward to more than others.

Which is the best festival you’ve played so far?

D: Reading and Leeds, both times we’ve played there it has been incredible. First year we opened the main stage and that’s any bands dream but we played the Radio1 tent to an absolutely mind blowing reception. I couldn’t believe it, especially sat on the drum rise looking out and I could see there was people outside the tent and we were so lucky to get that, we had all our family there and it was just nice. You can’t overlook things like Slam Dunk though, it’s always a great weekend.

Your Favourite band to have supported?

J: We’re into all the bands we support but, like you get friendships with certain people like Don Broco we’re good mates with them, so that was a great tour. We shared a bus with Blitz Kids so that was a laugh too. Every band is different, like some bands want to go out and get pissed all the time and have a laugh, others keep themselves to themselves. We’re not either end of the scale, we like a drink every now and again but were quite sensible so were not party animals.

D: There is a thing sometimes where you don’t end up talking properly until the end of tour but that’s just a thing because you just get so drunk with them.

Favourite thing to have on tour with you?

D: FIFA! This time were touring in a bus and sitting around for like 4 hours with nothing else to do it gets ridiculously boring. We’ve struggled with it not working, I thought I found a Fifa game and found out it was broken. Me and James sent out a few tweets and a fan bought us Fifa 12. Fifa is definitely a tour essential.


Lauren Edwards

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