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Footlights’ Evita: An interview with Peron


With Footlights bringing EVITA to the Northcott in January, we interviewed Will Beynon, a very sarcastic third year Drama student playing the role of Peron.

Image Credit: Footlights' Evita
Image Credit: Footlights’ Evita

What made you want to audition for Footlights’ Evita?

Well after taking part in Footlights’ West Side Story last year, I realised how much fun Footlights is and also how professional their productions are. So I couldn’t wait to audition again this year!

How would you describe the character of Peron? Would you say he’s similar to yourself?

I would say Peron is a very driven individual if he wants something he goes out and gets it and works hard in the process. I would say I’m similar to Peron in that respect as I am I hard worker, however he is in his 50s and is carrying a bit of ‘holiday weight’ so we differ in that way!

Have you done much stuff like this before?

I tend to perform in ‘straight’ plays more often than musicals, however I did take part in footlights last year and I know how much work these shows are!

What has been your favourite thing so far about being involved with this production?
Daniela and I tend to rehearse together a lot and we do mess about a lot (much to Aaron’s [the director] annoyance!) So that’s been the best part for me

How are the rehearsals going, is it stressful/enjoyable?

Its actually really enjoyable, I love doing all the dance stuff. Not sure how I feel about doing it on stage yet though!

Is it very time consuming? How do you keep up with your other commitments and your degree?

It’s an absolute bloody nightmare. My diary is my best friend, without it I would just have to give up. But I love doing the show so the stress is all worth it

What’s your favourite song from the show, and why?

“Dice are rolling”, its such a beautiful song and the real emotional climax for both Peron and Evita so I love singing it. Another suitcase is pretty bangin’ too.

And finally, if people reading this are unsure about whether to see Evita, what would you say to them?

Everyone else is fantastic so I stick out like a sore thumb, so come and see it for them please, watch them drag my dead weight around the stage.

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