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Man charged with indecent exposure on Streatham Campus


A man has appeared in court for indecently exposing himself to females on Streatham Campus.

The 59-year-old man named Jerzy Chelminiak was arrested in November on suspicion of terrorising students by revealing himself randomly as they made their way to lectures.

Exeposé reported an incident which occurred involving the man exposing his genitals in November, which took place at the bottom of Cardiac Hill.

However, this was only one of the two occasions that he is said to have exposed himself on Streatham campus.

with the first time incident ending with him leaving the scene of the crime before he could be apprehended.

He has denied all the charges that are currently being held against him and has asked for his case to be taken in front of a judge and jury at Exeter court.

He faces three separate charges of self-exposure, and has been granted temporary bail in the meantime.

Theodore Stone, News Team

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