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10 Exeter New Year’s Resolutions


With one term down and only two to go for this year in Exeter, we’ve been making a few Exeter New Year’s Resolutions of our own….

1. Pay more visits to the Quay.


Ok, it’s a bit chilly at the moment and at times it can feel very far away. But the Quay is one of Exeter’s gems and should definitely be enjoyed throughly in the summer months. Why not go for a run down there? Rent a kayak? Or just wander down to Double Locks for a pint and some chips?


2. Eat less Timepiece burgers/ McDonald’s chips whilst under the influence.


Admittedly, stumbling out of Timepiece or Mosaic in the early hours, our sights are set on the nearest place that sells anything resembling food. However, eating when drunk (particularly if your gorging on salty foods) works to dehydrate you, potentially worsening your morning hangover and ruining your diet at the same time. Not great.


3. Make the most of Firehouse.


If there’s one place we miss when we’re back at home, it’s this heavenly restaurant. Cheap pizza and cheap cider, and it all tastes amazing? We’re in. Always. Guaranteed this the the place that you will miss when you graduate, so our resolution is to go as much as possible. They do a great Sunday Roast too….


4. Travel more.



Exmouth, Dawlish, Topsham, Totnes. There are a ton of places to visit in this lovely little part of Devon, so why not go see them? You can get the train to most places for under a fiver, and if you fancy going somewhere bigger Bristol, Bath and Plymouth have lots to offer and  are not too far away either.


5. Support more independent shops.



If the Christmas Market taught us anything, except that churros should definitely be more available in England and there is such a thing as chocolate wine, it’s that Exeter has some great independent retailers. One of our resolutions for the new year is to find them, and give them some support. Next time you’re in the town centre looking for a birthday present, why not have a search down Gandy Street, or pay a visit to the Real McCoy?


6. Enjoy an all-day-breakfast revision or study day at one of Exeter’s best.



Ok, so the fact that The Grove offers breakfast all day has not escaped our eyes [the milkshakes are really good by the way], and there are plenty of places in town that are great for studying in, so why not take your essay, or your revision notes and try working somewhere different for a day? We’re also considering trying out the new study spaces over at St. Lukes. Free Waitrose coffee anyone?


7. Get cultural.



Following on from all of the above really, there’s so much to do and experience in Exeter, so why not make it a resolution to do more cultural stuff? Have you ever actually stepped inside the Cathedral, not just walked past it to get to Pizza Express? Or have you ever looked around Exeter’s Underground Passages? Or maybe you’ve just never been to see a film at the Picturehouse – why not give it a go?


8. Buy some Exeter merch.

If your wardrobe isn’t already full of stash, why not buy some Exeter merchandise? Did you know that the Guild shop sold Exeter Christmas jumpers over the festive period? They’ve got everything from hoodies to ties in there, so why not treat yourself.


9. See a show.

Are you into theatre but never actually go? Or are you just looking for something different to do with your friends one evening? Why not visit the Northcott and catch a show? The standard of theatre from university theatre groups like Footlights is really high, and it’s definitely worth checking out. Or alternatively why not join Exepose Arts Theatre Club for discounts and offers on tickets for shows at the BikeShed Theatre.


10. Try out something new.


Not skydiving or anything drastic. But why not sign yourself up for a new society? Maybe you always loved playing bench ball at school, or feel like this year you’d love to learn how to be a Radio DJ. Second term in memberships for societies are generally a bit cheaper, and mostly it doesn’t matter if you join a term late anyway, so have a browse of the Guild website for something new to fill your time.

Harriette Casey, Online Lifestyle Editor 


Featured Image Credit: davedummettphotography.co.uk

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