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Students decide against a library Facebook ban


A controversial Student Idea to block Facebook on library computers suggested on the Guild website has failed, with over two thirds of participants disagreeing with the proposal.

82 people voted, meaning the idea had gathered sufficient interest to generate action. However, it gained a positive approval rating of just 29.3 per cent. 34 students strongly disagreed with the idea compared to only 19 in favour, meaning Facebook will remain unblocked.

In a report issued on 15 January, the Guild said “a Student Vote might capture a better range of opinion if Council feels it is necessary to explore this issue further, but otherwise ‘no action’ is suggested as the outcome.”

The student who proposed the block, known only as Luke, wrote that the computers are meant to be used for work only, and those students who want to use social media should use their phone or laptop.

The idea prompted enthusiastic discussion, with some users praising the idea for reducing distractions to students. Others however questioned the feasibility and raised issues of whether all social media should be banned, not just Facebook, with one student describing it as “incredibly unworkable.” Currently the Forum library is home to 150 computers out of 550 across Streatham and St. Luke’s, but the student proposal made no mention of social media use on any other PCs.

“The motion to ban Facebook from library PCs proved strongly divisive among students,” said Matt Bate, VP Actvities.

“The discussion has identified a key issue with the use of study spaces which the Students’ Guild will take on board as we work with the University to provide the best study facilities.”

Susannah Keogh, News Team

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