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My day on a plate: Exetah edition


Emma Pudge talks us through the typical Exeter student diet….

8am Breakfast: Salmon and scrambled eggs. Having heard Oxford halls serve smoked salmon, I recently made the switch to gravlax. The curing process results in a saltier taste which really compliments the coastal Devonshire air. As for choice of eggs, goose eggs are reserved for weekends, but Wellbeck Farm’s Devon Duck Eggs make a great everyday option.

Image Credit: Dish Maps
Image Credit: Dish Maps

1pm Lunch: Fish Finger Stack Sandwich and curly fries at the Ram. It sounds outrageous, but the same is available from the Harvey Nichol’s café, so I’m following suit.

7pm Dinner: Mushroom and truffle parpadelle. Dinner is usually vegetarian because of the environmental and financial rewards of not eating meat. Plus, this makes for a quick and simple supper. I simply fry the mushrooms in truffle oil (which Daddy kindly brought back from Provence), use my pasta machine to make thick strips of fresh parpadelle (every student kitchen ought to have a pasta machine), cook until al dente, and serve with a sprig of parsley.

Who doesn't have truffle oil in the cupboard? Image Credit: Taste
Who doesn’t have truffle oil in the cupboard?
Image Credit: Taste

9pm: Glass of wine: a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon invokes my creativity as I begin a new essay. I always think wine tastes disappointing in ‘regular’ wine glasses, but pre-drink’s tomfoolery doesn’t allow for crystal.

11pm: More wine. The more wine I drink, the more my essay takes shape. It doesn’t surprise me that F. Scott Fitzgerald, James Joyce and Ernest Hemmingway were all alcoholics.

Emma Pudge

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