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Exeter trains next generation of dementia researchers


It has been announced that a new dementia-focused Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) will be launched at the University of Exeter. The training centre comes as part of a £5m investment by the Alzheimer’s Society to train the ‘next generation of dementia researchers.’

The new centre will see eight PhD students investigating the effect of dementia on the brain’s neural networks. The Alzheimer’s Society aims to attract psychologists, geneticists, mathematicians, cell biologists and neuroscientists to the DTC. There they will investigate how dysfunctional brain networks develop.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia and affects over 500,000 adults in the United Kingdom.

The Alzheimer’s Society works to improve the quality of life of people affected by dementia in Britain. As well as funding research, The Alzheimer’s Society also organises training for dementia staff and a telephone service for those with the disease.

Andrew Randall, Professor in Applied Neurophysiology at the University of Exeter Medical School and director of the DTC, said: “Our success in this bid reflects the rapid growth in biomedical dementia research at Exeter.”

He added: “Recruitment will be across two academic years.” Four students will formally start in September, while the remaining four will be recruited to start in September 2016.

Matt Wilcock, Online Comment Editor

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