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Dartmoor Do’s and Don’ts


Ever fancied venturing out of Exeter and spending your weekend rambling the countryside in Dartmoor? Sophia Imeson, Online Columnist, gives you her top tips….

If you’re feeling a bit down and disillusioned with your usual Sunday afternoon student trips to Subway, why not try something different?

There’s so much to do in Exeter, whether you’re stuffing your face with popcorn at the Picturehouse, snorting with laughter at some Bike Shed theatre stand-up comedy, nibbling on zesty lemon cake at the Real Food Store or strolling along the quay. Nevertheless, there are times when Exeter feels more like a prison cell than a city and, when everything just gets too much, it’s time to look further afield for your après-lecture antics.

Pull on some wellies, grab a friend who can drive and rustle up some non-Subway sandwiches because I’m about to tell you where to find beautiful views, great pubs, plenty of animal poo and the soporific sensation of your hair blowing in the breeze (or getting horrifically tangled – take a comb).


My view last weekend


Widecombe-in-the-Moor is a fifty-minute drive from the centre of Exeter. Yes, it’s longer than your average amble in to town, but this lovely village in the centre of the Dartmoor National Park is so worth it. Gurgling past the rustic Rugglestone Inn is the East Webburn stream, home to the pub’s pet ducks and a source of comforting background noise to a lunch of Otter Amber ale and a homemade pie. Before you sit down for a bite to eat, walk out of the village and up on to the open moorland where, at the top of one of Dartmoor’s many granite tors, you can see a sparkle of sea in the distance and hills peppered with hardy little Dartmoor ponies. Now that’s a photo for Instagram.




If you fancy spending a little more time roaming the rural world around you and avoiding the hubbub of Sidwell Street then why not book the Rugglestone Inn’s little cottage with a few friends? Out of peak season it’s cheap, cosy and extremely close to a great selection of food and beer. There is one downside though; the place is surrounded by poo. Thankfully it only belongs to the four resident chickens, but it is still rather fowl (see what I did there?)



Rugglestone Inn. Photo credits: http://www.rugglestoneinn.co.uk/


If you have time, you might like to venture to the Old Inn down the road for a hearty hog burger and a big plate of chips. Alternatively you can browse the village store, although, unless you’re looking for out of date tinned custard or dollhouse paraphernalia, you won’t find much.


Sophia Imeson, Online Columnist


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