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Live Review: Kerrang Tour 10/2/2014


Don Broco, We Are The In Crowd, Young Guns, Bury Tomorrow & BearTooth

O2 Academy Bristol

Tuesday 10th February 2014


A line up including BearTooth, Bury Tomorrow, Young Guns, We Are The In Crowd and rockers Don Broco, I was pretty certain this year’s Kerrang Tour was going to be good. The tour brought everything from heavy guitar riffs to sweet lyrics to funky new tunes. As Bury Tomorrow’s vocalist Dani Winter-Bates put it “This tour is so good because it’s so diverse in genres” and I couldn’t agree more, it brought together a plethora of both American and British Rock!

Even without its full capacity, crowd goers at the O2 seemed energised for the night ahead. Americans BearTooth took to the stage first, their set consisted of songs that sounded quite repetitive but their stage presence and confidence was not scarce. Front man Caleb Shomo’s enthusiasm got the crowd roaring. I was in disbelief to peer from the balcony and see from one end of the room to another a mass of jumping after only two songs.

Image Credits: Rock Transmission

To my surprise, heavy metalers Bury Tomorrow stole the show. Their adrenaline hard to shake off and they were hard to forget, even up against headliners Don Broco. The 5 piece band were unified in rhythm and pace, tearing down the house with their insane breakdowns (I would seriously take a look at these guys). Even better was their attitude, pausing for a moment Dani stopped to break down the barrier between us and them saying “I don’t care if you’re here for metal or for music, I don’t care if you’re in the middle moshing or at the back having a beer getting a better view of us. We’re all here for the same reason”. A concert in a nutshell.

Special guests Young Guns only appeared on stage for 10 minutes but they rocked it out hard in the time they were given. We Are The In Crowd (as much as I hate to say it) really didn’t do anything for me, or anyone else in the audience. Apart from a few screaming fan girls at the front barrier, the whole set was pretty damn awkward. They lacked energy and came across as lazy leaving the audience to try and guess the words while they pointed the mic out at the crowd. Even knowing the lyrics I couldn’t recognise which song they were playing due to bad collaboration in timing and listening to one another. Had I not been a fan I would have grabbed myself a beer at this point

Image Credits: Altsounds
Image Credits: Altsounds

British Rockers Don Broco chose to risk playing songs from their unreleased new album, ultimately meaning no one knew the words for at least three songs. With an added keyboardist especially for tour the crowd got into the new electro dynamic they had going on. As good as their first album was, it’s great to hear some new sound from these lads and I don’t think their new album will be one to miss!


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