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Games That Changed The Industry: Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Last time on Games That Changed The Industry, we traversed the beautifully verdant RPG undergrowth of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Now, Sam reminds us of the game that replaced our better halves for many years, it's the insanely addictive FPS fun that is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare from Infinity Ward:


There are some gaming franchises out there that are synonymous with particular consoles or companies (think Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog) and there are accepted leaders in particular genres (think The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim). These are games that stand out to people across the gaming industry. I would argue that our generation has gone one step further and birthed a franchise that comes as close as possible to defining the last ten years of gaming. It is of course COD, Call of Duty– whatever you want to call it, for better or worse you’ve all heard of it.



Since the release of the Call of Duty 4 eight years ago, we have seen a revolution in the gaming world. A few articles back when I wrote about Halo 2, I talked about the online aspect of gaming. You could barely mention online gaming today without hearing a mention of COD, regardless of what you think of it’s single player mode, many have themselves engrossed in the online gameplay.

Naturally it isn’t just the multiplayer that draws people into Call of Duty. The single player campaign has much to offer as well, I remember my first time playing Modern Warfare and becoming really involved in the story of the game at the same time as the intuitive interface and controls.



That aside however, I don’t think we should really be focusing on what Call of Duty 4 is like to play. The thing with the franchise is, you don’t have to like it to appreciate the effect it has had on the industry. If nothing else, you know it because you loathe it, or you know it because your boyfriend/girlfriend won’t stop playing it. Or who knows, maybe you are the boyfriend or girlfriend playing it? At the end of the day, Call of Duty has a simply enormous reach.

Its effect upon this industry has been so monumental that it would take someone braver than me to say that there will ever be another gaming franchise with the reach to match it. And that is enough to give it its place on this list.



Sam Brewer, Games and Tech Columnist


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