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All The Pretty Things: The Style Market


Jasmine Prasad, Fashion columnist, visited The Style Market at the Lemmy and tells us what it had to offer…

On Saturday 14th March, the Lemmy swapped out its usual crowd of overexcited freshers/ eager Bodysoccers for some serious style. That’s right, The Style Market came to Exeter University!  For those of you who didn’t make it, here’s a little review. It’ll be like you were there all along!

The Style Market is a vintage pop-up event, offering to bring a little funk and a little flair to Exeter. While the event was aimed towards the whole town – locals and students alike, it seems that the crowd mainly seemed to consist of students. Quite lucky really.  It’s almost the end of term 2 and my eyes are getting bored of endless Chelsea boots and sportswear…  Thankfully, the Style Market brought a smorgasbord of beautiful, original alternatives!

style market

The organisers appeared to have everything covered – from vintage, etsy sellers, jewellery, hair accessories, a nail artist, hair stylists, hair dressers and even a henna artist!  The huge variation and support for local businesses made a great connection between the town and Uni, which can sometimes feel a bit divided. And it turns out, the town has so much to offer! The henna artist was particularly popular, and The Sandyman Chop Shop and Emelya Robinson turned everyone into vintage darlings with their super cool hairstyles! I think my favourite section was Niamh Lily’s feminist embroidery brooches and pins, sold on Etsy usually, but made available to Exeter lovelies on this one special occasion.

Emelya Robinson Stall
Emelya Robinson Stall

Josie Stoneman from Vintage Store Exeter said : “We were so excited to be a part of The Style Market. Doing events like this is such a great way for people to get to know our business, especially the University students. It’s also really helpful for us to have feedback on what people want; what’s popular and what’s not. All round, there was just a great buzz at The Style Market – a completely different dynamic to what we’re used to in the shop! If you’re ever in town, come check us out!”

The event seemed to be split into three sections: the stalls selling vintage clothes, little etsy bits, hair and make-updiversity stalls for all the beautification and some space for networking and pizza. It was a day of seriously cool shopping for people but also a great way of making connections if you have any desire to go into the biz.

Rianka Gill, a fashion-savvy attendee said “I loved the variety, and being new to the area, this is great to scope out what’s cool if you don’t really do Topshop or River Island that much.”


The Style Market did that, if anything. This was a really great event, bringing fashion to the forefront of Exeter’s consciousness in a really awesome, social way. I think it’s so important that people get to experience shopping like this, because ultimately, it’s a whole heap of fun!


Jasmine Prasad, Fashion Columnist

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