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Top 5 Games and Technology CreepyPasta

Games and Tech Editor Ben Assirati takes a look at five of his favourite relevant CreepyPasta

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Foreword: this list by no means contains the best, the scariest, or the most realistic creepypasta the internet has to offer, it is simply my list of the five most memorable games- and tech-based stories.

  1. The Lavender Town Tone (DannoW)

Do you remember the original pokemon games? Do you remember the unbelievably scary location that was Lavender Town? This area of the world was the designated cemetary for all dead pokemon, with a multi-story graveyard, and occasional ghost sightings. The sense of dread was ramped up to maximum with the simple, slow tune that played in the background. The source of this creepypasta was that tone – the binaural sound that created an apparent auditory illusion for the children playing the game. According to the story, this sound caused over 200 children to commit suicide, as well as various detectives working on the case.

according to the story, this sound caused over 200 children to commit suicide

  1. Annie 96 Is Typing… (Pascal Chatterjee)

This story takes place entirely through a messaging service (most likely WhatsApp), and is far shorter than many other creepypastas. Since it only takes 5-10 to read (and on the original website the design is fantastically unique), I am unwilling to spoil the way the story develops. It involves two young people talking online, when one discovers someone, or something, is outside their house. While the concept itself is hardly groundbreaking, the author nails a sense of authenticity, and though some may say the ending is underwhelming, I believe it does its job in creating a continued sense of uncertainty. Give it a read!

  1. Ben Drowned (Jadusable)

Oh boy. This is the great granddaddy of all ‘haunted game’ creepypasta, and by far one of the most popular. The story follows a young man who bought a Zelda game cartridge from a car boot sale, and as he played it he noticed more and more discrepancies, until a malevolent being took over his life. As a warning, this story is incredibly long, and filled with asides, so if you plan to read it, you may want to set aside a large chunk of time. The author put full effort into it, including videos, screenshots, and other small proof that corresponded with his claims in the story. The first time reading this will certainly creep many people out, as long as you stick with it!

Credit: CreepyPasta wikia/Jadusable
Credit: CreepyPasta wikia/Jadusable
  1. Candle Cove (Kris Straub)

Another well known story, this one didn’t affect me much on first reading. Stylised as a conversation on a message board, Candle Cove is the story of a group of individuals reminiscing about a TV show they watched as children, which seemed to give them nightmares. On first read, I skimmed through the text, looking for the usual imagery and big, scary monsters. The author is far more subtle about creating his world, with each ‘poster’ on the message board having small quirks in their writing that makes each one feel unique – and real. In fact, the US TV channel SyFy greenlit and aired a TV series called ‘Channel Zero’ – the first season of which is an adaptation of the Candle Cove creepypasta. Trailers have been released and it looks like a fun watch!

the us tv channel syfy greenlit and aired a tv series [based on this]

  1. My Dead Girlfriend Keeps Messaging Me on Facebook (NateSW)

The most harrowing of the stories in the list, this one was a smash hit two years ago on the NoSleep Sub-Reddit. A short story that focuses mostly on images of facebook chat logs, it details a guy who is messaged by someone on the account of his girlfriend, who had died in a car accident. This story not only has the fear-factor, provided by certain phrases and pictures posted, but it has an incredibly touching heart, with the reader unable to do anything but have sympathy for the writer, whose tragic loss seems so real and so heartbreaking.

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