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What’s happening with the French election?

With less than two months left before the First Round of the French Presidential Election, the race is looking harder and harder to predict....

Is Trump’s Presidency as worrying as it seems?

It seemed like a dream, watching Donald Trump take to the stage and become the President of the United States.  In most movies Trump...

Why Donald Trump shouldn’t be granted a State Visit

Donald Trump’s state visit invitation should not be upheld The new President's invitation for a state visit to the UK this year has sparked nationwide controversy....

All hail 2017?

The end of 2016 was welcomed with open arms across the globe. Defined by the unexpected victories of Donald Trump and Brexit, the world...

Melania Trump: What can we expect from the new First Lady?

As the election results start to settle in, attention has increasingly turned towads the future First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump. Married...

The Conservative Party conference: everything you need to know

With the Labour Party in disarray, UKIP in a new leadership void, and the Lib Dems struggling to influence even the smallest policy, all...

#USElection: What the first presidential debate says about the campaign process

'Controversial' is the word which seems to best summarise almost the entirety of the American presidential election so far. Few people could have predicted that...

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