Saturday, August 19, 2017
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G. Adriana Urbano

Philosophy and Politics student with a penchant for existential despair. You'll find me sneaking food into the silent rooms in the library.

Is veganism cruelty free?

Deceived, enslaved, exploited, battered, raped: these are hardly the first words that come to mind when tucking into a salad, yet our fruit and...

Divided States of America – Americans share their view

Donald Trump is indeed the US President. For many of us, picking Trump is simply inconceivable. Exeposé has spoken to Americans to better understand...

One Sicilian village’s lesson to Britain

We need to build a wall” - when Donald Trump uttered these words, the world lambasted this approach to tackling illegal immigration and crime...

Exeter’s Muslim students on the burkini controversy in France

Images of armed policemen forcing a Muslim woman to uncover on a French beach have caused an uproar all over the world. It is...

Timetabling and carers

Freshers’ Week is in full swing and that can only mean the yearly “timetable controversy” is back in full force. Weighed down by the...

Modern slavery: an interview with Faye Gould

It’s 2016 and the world has never had as many slaves as it does today. 35.8 million people are estimated to be living in...

Eyewitness in Paris: A first-person account of Friday 13th

Saturday, 14th of November 2015 – “Paris plus vague que l’Océan”. It is with these words that Madame Bovary expressed her idealistic yearning for Paris....

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