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I just have an enthusiasm for terrible puns, Doctor Who and cake.

Do animals enjoy sex?

Do animals enjoy sex? Arguably, sexual pleasure plays a dramatic role within human society. Due to our civilised nature, we as humans do not have...

Exeter’s research funding boom

The University of Exeter has doubled the amount of research funding it receives from Research Councils UK (RCUK). During the academic year of 2015/16,...

The Biological Brilliance of Bees

A major discovery has been made in regards to wildlife and the natural world. The university has discovered that when foraging for pollen, bees...

Hannibal Lector eat your heart out – the science of cannibalism

Picture the scene, you have been stranded on a desert island for weeks, water supplies are running scarce but food is the real issue....

Staying safe in a student city

Whether you're a fresher or in final year, a new year in Exeter always provides an excuse to celebrate. But surrounding all the fun...

How could Brexit affect the arts?

Coming to theatres near you, a new horror movie of sorts. Featuring Brexit zombies who crave only one thing; the brain of the United...

World Body Painting Festival

When thinking of festivals, the traditional image involves hazy summer days complimented by the intensity of amazing live music. But upon Lake Wöthersee, Austria,...

Top 10 Thrilling Tales: The Shining

‘Here’s Johnny!’ An iconic line from a blood curdling movie that just so happens to be such an addictive read! Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’...

Sleeping beautifully

Once upon a time, there lived a disorganised fresher who, whilst sprinting for the train began to ponder how unacquainted she was with the...

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