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I'd honestly much rather be reading right now


We read other peoples mind’s every day, guessing their thoughts, emotions and intentions each time we talk to them. This understanding of other people...

Review: The Play That Goes Wrong

There is a saying throughout the theatrical world, immortalised in song by Queen, “The Show Must Go On". Never is this truer than when...
bee pollinating a lemon tree

You Won’t Bee-lieve It

Anyone who has seen Charlie Brooker’s dark anthology series will tell you that Black Mirror does an excellent job of mixing realism and Science...

The fall of the Neanderthal

The history of human evolution is a long and fascinating one. In this issue we look at one of our closest evolutionary cousins, the infamous...

To Boldly Go … or not

Picture the scene, populations rising, destruction of ecosystems and rampant global warming have made the world barren and uninhabitable. It’s the stuff of classic...

I sense you

Walking into a darkened room you feel them standing behind you, just out of sight, breathing down your neck. You jump around, no-ones there....

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