Let’s Get Satirical: The danger of Harry Potter politics

Lots of Potter-loving children out there eagerly await the arrival of their 11th birthday, upon which they hope a large bearded man will burst...

Let’s Get Satirical: How Britain became the world’s laughing stock

Listen, I know everyone is sick of hearing and talking about Brexit. I’m sick of it too. In fact I’m mad that my brain...

Let’s Get Satirical: Fairytale of Downing Street

In a year of incredibly turbulent politics, the politicians who have been at the centre of 2016’s biggest stories are looking forward to winding...

How to handle your Hollywood divorce

Another ticking time-bomb in the minefield of Hollywood marriages has detonated on 2016. Here at Exeposé we’ve laid out a step-by-step guide to get...

#TheUKDecides: Let’s get satirical – 10 reasons to leave the EU

With the EU referendum today, being immersed by the famously-uneducated environment of a university may have filled your head with some silly ideas of being...

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