Marauding ‘Apps

Harry Potter eat your heart out, muggle technology has finally come up with goods. Dear reader, warlock wannabe, witch weekly writer, Arthur Weasley enthusiast,...

iPhone 6S/6S Plus: Is it worth the upgrade?

At the latest Apple event taking place on the 9th September, CEO Tim Cook announced pretty much what we were all expecting: a refreshed...

Review: Trippin’ over Tripr

 Louisa Griffith-Jones gives her review on "Tripr" -  a free app which allows travellers to connect with each other, locals and friends during their...

Review: MacBook 2015

With the release of the new Apple MacBook  in April 2015.  Of course every Apple product is without a doubt impressive at the very least...

Wearable tech: definitely terrible

Am I the only one who hears 'wearable tech' and thinks of the primary school disco's resident 'trendy Tina' with her light-up heart T-shirt...

Review: iOS7

Operating systems: they're fairly integral now to our everyday lifestyles! Fiona Potigny brings us her opinions of the recent iOS7 from Apple... Simple, suave,...

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