Owain Evans' PL Predictions

Owain Evans' PL Predictions

Ben Lang v Owain: PL Predictions Round 9

This Week's Guest: Ben Lang, Xpression FM Head of Sport Pride, passion and even more bad punditry: Ben Lang brings an interesting degree of rivalry to...

Theo Stone v Owain: PL Predictions Round 8

This Week's Guest: Theodore Stone, Exeposé Online Editor. Clueless, simply clueless: this describes Theo on many things, but football more than most others. Joking aside, he's managed to...

Toby Gladwin v Owain: PL Predictions Round 5

This Week's Guest: Toby Gladwin, Guild President Particularly known for his widely-shared campaign video, Toby Gladwin is the elected president of the Students' Guild for the...

Josh Callander v Owain: PL Predictions Round 4

This Week's Guest: Josh Callander, AU President As AU President, Josh is the face of student sport in Exeter. Voted in during the Sabbatical Election in...

Lara Hopkins v Owain: PL Predictions Round 3

This week's guest: Lara Hopkins, Exeposé Sport Editor Lara is Owain's co-editor for Exeposé Sport's print team. After taking on and defeating then-predictor Rob Cross last...

Tristan Gatward v Owain: PL Predictions Round 2

This week's guest: Tristan Gatward, VP Activities When it comes to music, Tristan is a true Exeter BNOC. Having served as a music editor of Exeposé...

Issy Bailey v Owain: PL Predictions Round 1

This week's guest: Issy Bailey Issy is a 2016 graduate of Exeter, and is currently preparing to head out to Rio to take part in the...

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