Comment Team

Comment Team

Olivia Horncastle – Online Comment Editor

Olivia Horncastle: The girl, the editor, the legend. This girl can do it all. When she isn’t hitch hiking across Europe, paintballing in the forests and holidaying in Oman, she’s selling DSP tickets, organising roughly twenty different societies and hosting cocktail and spa nights for her squad (and studying geography in her breaks). Her Instagram is such stuff as dreams are made of. Her articles are both thought provoking and hilariously sassy. Her connections are second to none. Olivia is the girl who goes everywhere and knows everyone. Some say unit one is thinking of erecting a statue of her for her dedication to Exeter’s night life. Does she sleep? No-one knows (but probably not).


.Rowan Keith – Online Comment Editor

There are many myths about Rowan. Some say she is more gossip-fairy and fashion-sass queen than human. Some say she is perhaps the best comment online editor to have ever graced the earth and people have been known to whisper that she is perhaps the next BNOC first year English student. Whatever you have heard about her you will have heard: of her love of the Guardian; her love of giving her opinion; being creative and being an awesome journalist through-and-through. You may see her on the SID desk where she controls the University, and you may also see her gossiping over a Costa, but wherever you do see her, you are sure to see her with a smile on her face!

Bea Fones – Print Comment Editor


Matthew Newman – Print Comment Editor

He’s new, and he’s a man, so the surname works.