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Online Editor – Olivia Horncastle

I guess some people would say that she probably take on too much: when she is not Jailbreaking to Istanbul, paintballing in the forests, travelling and working out, she is selling DSP tickets, organising roughly twenty different societies and hosting cocktail and spa nights for her squad (whilst trying to study geography in my breaks). However, for her third year at the greatest University in the world she has decided to just take on one final large responsibility- being a senior editor for Exepose. Will she manage to sleep this year? Who knows! But at least she shall have a fun year and hopefully won’t destroy the website (or if I do then her wonderful co-editor will hopefully save her)


Online Editor – Phoebe Davis

First things first, if you make a Friends reference to her she might use her newfound power and delete your WordPress account. When she isn’t being vindictive about people singing ‘Smelly Cat’, Phoebe can be found getting progressively larger tattoos or watching YouTube videos of vegans eating papaya. She wishes that she starred in a John Hughes film alongside Molly Ringwald, studies English (but hates Charles Dickens) and loves all of her 34 film cameras. She also already lives in the Exeposé office so is excited get stuck into WordPress with her amazing co-editor Olivia. By the way, she works weekends at Wagamama so come say hi when you crave a katsu curry.


Print Editor – Emma Bessent

When not cowering behind six feet of early modern play texts in Exeter, third year English student Emma can generally be located in the rolling downs of Wiltshire complaining about the state of the world and sipping the finest wines her local Co-Op has to offer (as long as they cost less than a fiver). Indicators that the Print Editor is nearby include but are by no means limited to: a copious amount of fluffy blonde hair; a loud and definite opinion on practically everything; likes, shares and tags of cute dogs on Facebook; prolific waffle about Renaissance London, Classical literature and reception theory. The keen editor-spotter should closely observe any location distinctly lacking in vacant positions of responsibility, as this specimen is particularly well known for its inability to turn these down. However, let’s face it; having solicited a leadership role within this salubrious publication, she will probably not leave the Exeposé office until graduating – unless attending The Ram’s happy hour with Owain, fellow serial over-committer. Will happily exchange intellectual property for a nice little villa in Italy/another soft dog. Contact her with offers via Twitter, @emmabessent.


Print Editor – Owain Evans

This was a mistake. A terrible, awful, absolutely dreadful mistake.

Apparently, a year of being Sport Editor wasn’t quite enough to dissuade him from carrying on (although, if you bring up ‘hail’ and ‘Topsham’ in the same sentence, he still gets flashbacks to THAT cricket match *shudders*). Now, he’s back at it again, this time as EDITOR, which is all in all a little bit surprising. Still, the Barry-raised (for the last time, I’M NOT FROM BARRY ISLAND. NOT ALL OF BARRY IS THE ISLAND) PPE student is going to have to squeeze in a lot of reading and editing and InDesign and all other kinds of stuff that’ll surely push him further and further towards the drink (as if he isn’t already there). Keep an eye out over the next year as Owain tries to keep Exeposé on the map, alongside his fabulous co-editor Emma.


Deputy Editor – Tash Ebbutt 

Deputy Editor – Graham Moore