Jessica Stanier – Online Editor

Born and bred in West London, Jessie is a third year student of Politics and Philosophy. It’s a course that amounts to a lot of ponderous chin-stroking, which is really the only skill any graduate student will ever need once all our jobs have been taken over by AI. After working with Theo as an Online Features Editor last year, she’s brimming with ideas for Exeposé‘s online presence, improving opportunities for Exeposé members, and occasionally letting Theo off the leash in pursuit of world domination (see below). When she’s not reading Exeposé articles or studying for her degree, you may find Jessie cooking up something experimental, climbing a rock somewhere, trawling the internet for the latest tech developments, or music-making, respectively. You can follow her musings on Twitter @jartajess.

Theodore Stone – Online Editor

Created in Jersey (Britain’s Panama) as part of an experiment to create the strangest laugh known to man, Theo has no credentials when it comes to being a bastion of reason. Seeking sanctuary in Exeter, Theo has taken up the life of a philosophy student by spending all of his time in tea rooms and making strange and somewhat obscure babbling noises. After being blackmailed into serving as Online Features Editor for the previous year, Theo was accidentally voted in as an Online Editor for the forthcoming year after R.O.N. was disqualified. Now with near-unlimited power (relative to that of a student newspaper editor, so not very much), Theo’s reign of terror will probably be seen as rather placid. When he’s not trying to take down rival papers, Theo can be found either playing an instrument incompetently, trying desperately to revive the Labour Party’s Brownite wing, rambling, rambling, or editing another publication.
Susannah Keogh – Print Editor

Susannah is a third year Philosophy and Politics student, who has also written for the Huffington Post, MTV and the Independent. Having edited the News section last year, she’s looking forward to another year investigating minor (and not so minor) scandals whilst living off curly fries. When she’s not editing, she can be found roaming the Old Library archives, baking, hiking and fangirling over Scandinavia. Follow her on Twitter @susannahkeogh

Hannah Butler – Print Editor

Born in that well-known metropolitan hotspot Lincolnshire, Hannah’s a small town gal and English & German student who last year managed to convince everyone she was cool enough to live in Berlin for nine months. Almost. (See her year abroad blog for full details of each social fiasco, language mishap and trip to A&E).
Safely back in the confines of Exeter, she’s finally fulfilling her lifelong dream of running Exeposé – well, one sixth of it, anyway – and can already tell this year’s gonna be a good one. Even if it is tough on her waistline. Out in Berlin she worked for The Local, EXBERLINER and Hidden Berlin, and closer to home she’s done bits and bobs for Express & Echo and The Independent. Other than that she’s a Christian, reluctant jogger and enthusiastic soup maker.
Her biggest fear in life? Word getting out that she’s not a real vegan.

Follow her on Twitter, LinkedIn and WordPress. (If you like, that is. No pressure.).

Ben Cam-Londesborough – Editor

Ben is a second year English Literature student. After a fun year of being Screen Editor, he decided to throw his hat in for Editor. Somehow he managed to get it alongside his fellow co-editors, and now attempts to balance his degree, the newspaper, and watching films. After graduation he hopes for a career in film or television, where he can put his square eyes to good use.

Jeremy Brown – Print Editor

Jeremy Brown. Wise, hilarious, stunning: these are just a few of his favourite words (along with ‘bumblebee’). He’s a perfectionist trapped in a highly disorganised world, caught in a struggle with misaligned pens and poor grammar: although this latter point is arguably helpful for Exeposé… and his English degree. Jeremy comes from a rural village in Derbyshire, but tells everyone he lives in nearby Sheffield because Sheffield is cool (and, in fairness, he spends a lot of his time there). He’s a comedy fan, a tea drinker, and a dog person (a lover of dogs, that is, not some odd cross-breed. Yet.). Once a humble Arts + Lit Editor, Jeremy is now an Editor for Exeposé in print, and is really excited about the new Culture section, Exhibit.

His other achievements include: Winner of Exeposé’s Biggest Sass Award 2015, Blue Peter Badge holder, Peter Hitchens’ favourite Exeposé Editor, Toin Coss participant.