Features Team

Features Team

Samuel Fawcett – Online Features Editor

Originally from Somerset, Samuel Fawcett is best known for a string of industrial/trip hop records which menaced the Northamptonshire underground scene for much of the late 00’s. The ‘unnerving blend of the gritty and the lyrical’ won him several plaudits from the alternative music community and gained him a band of small, but fiercely loyal, followers. Over time, Fawcett’s popularity grew, landing him a leading role in several romantic thrillers and voiceover work in a moderately successful cartoon adaptation of Hardy’s The Mayor of Casterbridge. However, it wasn’t long before the pressures of fame grew too much for him, and, following a disastrous set in Wolverhampton, Fawcett sought refuge at the University of Exeter. After two years of studying Sociology and French, Fawcett decided to add to his already overflowing pool of talents by becoming Online Features of Editor of Exeposé. Once he has graduated, Fawcett plans to return to his former glory with a comeback tour in Indonesia and the launch of a range of novelty chocolate bars. 

Kate Jones – Online Features Editor 

Kate is a BA English student from Gloucestershire, who also studies a French language module each year (so is incredibly cultured). At university, when she’s not co-editing the Online Features section, Kate can sometimes be found hosting her radio show, ‘The Digital Sessions with Kate Jones’ (to give it its full name) on Xpression FM, occasionally helping with XTV content or writing for HerCampus Exeter. In her spare time, Kate enjoys watching copious amounts of trashy television, listening to cheesy pop and dance music tracks, writing more (she was a finalist in The Clothes Show’s Young Journalist of the Year in 2015) and reading more articles (plus more books if she’s got time, given her text-orientated degree). You can follow her on Twitter @Kate_Jones50.

Katie Jenkins – Print Features Editor

Hailing from Oxfordshire, Katie Jenkins followed the calls of her tea-drinking, cucumber sandwich eating chums, and thus found herself in Exetah. In spite of dreams to be a West End star, the fantasy was ruthlessly quashed after falling off a stage aged four. Now a second-year English and Spanish student, Katie can regularly be found eating her weight in Pieminister, writing awful poetry or blogging about some nonsense or other for The Guardian. Should life be kind to her, she dreams of spending the remainder of her days in Buenos Aires, learning the tango and holding fort against Rupert Murdoch as a top media mogul. However, in reality, she will most likely end up in Croydon, bombarding The Jeremy Kyle Show with applications and keeping ten house rabbits as a feminist stance against marriage.

Georgie Bolam – Print Features Editor 

Georgina is a second year English Literature and Spanish student, made in Chelsea, bred in Clapham. Despite her London identifier she is still yet to memorise the underground by heart. Having spent the last year dreaming of stepping into that Exeposé office she is eager to bring Exeter the best stories from politics to topical affairs around the world. She loves writing like women in adverts love chocolate or yogurts. Outside of this, she enjoys writing substandard poetry, running, climbing, being alone (perhaps more than the average specimen), singing her heart out to musicals and TRAVELLING. She is known for her funky shirts, widespread collection of scarves and spontaneous, albeit awesome, life decisions. She one day hopes to scrape a living by teaching English in Valencia, spending her evenings dancing the salsa and drinking sangria. Or if life is kind, she would like to enter the dog-eat-dog world of media. If she’s at a party and not enjoying her self, be warned, she will steal your food and leave without saying goodbye. Oh, and anyone who wants a travelling buddy- you know where to find her.


Zeena Starbuck – Features Foreign Correspondent Coordinator 
Born in New York, secondarily raised in London, and returning from a year abroad in Seoul, Zeena is a fourth year History and International Relations Student. After an exciting year of using Exeposé as a vehicle to spread Korean soft power, she is now managing the new team of foreign correspondents. You will likely hear her American-esque accent ranting about US politics or explaining that she used to live in Korea before you actually see her face. When she is not busy being a warrior princess or running a coffee conglomerate, she reads books about the Gulf War, writes about the downfall of American democracy, and is probably on a CIA watchlist somewhere.