News Team

News Team

Georgia Roberts – Online News Editor

Georgia is a final year English student, who took an impromptu year in industry to do stuff to remind her that her degree was indeed useful. When she is not waking up abroad or asserting her mixed-race privilege, she is probably, quite simply, watching or reading the news. One of those rare breed of Exeter students from “The North”, she has written for local publications including The Derby Telegraph and The Nottingham Local, as well as the very opposite of local; acting as editor-at-large for the G-20Y Association. She has written extensively for Boots and produced segments for Sky News, Capital FM and Heart FM. Touching back down in Exeter this year, she is delighted to begin getting sticky with the issues facing our students as a student herself once again.

David Smeeton – Online News Editor

David is very excited to be Online News Editor and hopes to break some great stories over the coming year. He is a third year History student who prefers the modern period – particularly the 20th century.

He is also a big (and for the last couple of years frustrated) Manchester United fan. He does actually sometimes go to games at Old Trafford, despite also possessing a lovely Essex accent. Aside from that he enjoys playing tennis (often beating a guy named Dennis! [albeit without the surname Healey]), travelling, watching films and keeping up with current affairs and technology.

David is also one of the few Exeter students who doesn’t like avocados (sacrilege!).

Natasa Christofidou – Print News Editor

Born and raised in the midst of the Mediterranean ocean, in unbearably sunny Cyprus, Natasa has finally found her way to a colder, yet hilly Devon. Previously being Exeposé’s chief photographer, Natasa is looking forward to being News Editor, and embracing all sorts of (scandalous) investigations. Natasa is also a journalist for Model European Union conferences, and has previously written for Greenpeace UK’s Energydesk, which was expected by many considering she’s DVP sustainability and a… vegan (yes, she can go a day without saying it). Of course, she’s not to be taken too seriously as she lives in a guitar loaded flat above a hairdresser and her name itself walked off without the ‘h’.

Rachel Ashenden – Print News Editor

Current Print News Editor and Online Food Columnist for Lifestyle, third year English Literature student. The graduate dream is to break into food writing so that she can eat, rant and create her way through life.