Yong Yan Wang – Photographer

Yong Yan is a third year student currently pursuing a degree in business and accounting. With a strong interest in numbers, he can often be found in the library armed with his calculator. While not on campus, he can be seen enjoying afternoon tea in a café or jogging around the Exeter quay.

Coming from the garden city, Singapore, he started off his photography journey shooting flowers and city landscapes. In recent years, he has expanded his portfolio to focus on commercial works for the fashion industry and occasional formal events.

With a preference to work behind the scene and express himself through images, he has joined Exepose as its Chief Photographer. He seeks to contribute beyond sports photography and intends to build up a stock photo library. With the support of his counterpart, he also hopes to gather a group of enthusiastic student photographers to contribute high quality images to the university’s newspaper.

Sachi Minami – Photographer

Sachi is a full-time second year psychology student and a part-time freelance photographer. She was born and raised in Japan, with zero knowledge of anime. She took up photography when she couldn’t find the time to do visual arts in high school, self-teaching herself how to use camera settings, Adobe Photoshop, and Lightroom, but she still uses Auto instead of Manual mode (hehe, just kidding). Mind you, she is probably the last person you should ask to check your grammar or hire to write your last-minute dissertation. She also thinks that being in the photography section is an advantage to check out athletic guys without being creepy.

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