Science Team

Science Team

Holly Belcher – Online Science & Tech Editor 

Holly blinded me with science. Again.

Rebecca Broad – Online Science & Tech EditorShe’.

Rebecca won’t blind you with science, she’ll just make you deaf.

Victoria Bos – Print Science Editor

Victoria is a third year Law student from Cambridgeshire, with a strong interest in the sciences, despite the lack of correlation between them and her humanities based degree topic. As a dedicated science fiction geek, the real life implications and science behind what appears on the screen has always fascinated her and is what sparked her interest in writing for, and now editing, the Science section. Through editing this year she hopes to boldly take Science where no section has gone before, to a galaxy far, far away and through an adventure in time and space to get the best possible content and ensure the section is educational, entertaining and enterprising. Outside of Science, Victoria is also very interested in the theatre, and can often be heard singing (or shrieking) tunes from musicals long since forgotten. She is also fond of baking, though this has produced various results from goodies to charcoal. In all Victoria is very much looking forward to working with the other editors this year in order to uphold the high standards Exeposé is known for and encourage interest in what is a substantial, fascinating and ever evolving topic.

Beth Honey – Print Science & Tech Editor

After having flown the big ole nest of London, Beth decided to take up residence mainly in the forum, procrastinating her way through the days. Currently, she is a third year psychology student, with a passion for all things that kind of sound like it has a bit of science going on. Although she would love to be able to read your mind, unfortunately, they haven’t taught her that yet. She leaves that to the professionals whilst she resides over countless episodes of Attenborough documentaries with a permanent flask of tea by her side, and a chocolate bar (or three). If you can’t find her doing this, she’s probably busy sending another photo of her dog to her housemates, counting down the days until they are reunited once more (called Bella…in case you were wondering). Besides this, Beth is very excited to be part of the Exepose team, and hopes to continue delving into the infinite abyss that is the scientific world.