Sports Team

Sports Team

 Ollie Lund – Online Sports Editor

Ollie Lund is a second year history student. He lives near Oxford and is your Online Sport Editor for 2016-17 alongside James Angove. His main passion is football. A Tottenham Hotspur fan, you’ll often hear him muttering about the wasted talent of Nabil Bentaleb and why Eric Dier is the heir to Claude Makelele. Outside of Spurs, Ollie enjoys his tennis, is a big Williams fan and has an unusual penchant for Major League Soccer.

Beyond Exeposé, you can hear his dulcet tones on Xpression FM, where he is Head of Sport for the coming year. He hopes to unite XMedia, as a Roosevelt, Kennedy or Lincoln figure. He also can be seen lighting up the intramural football leagues and the Sports Centre squash courts. His proudest achievements include finding himself on his gap yah, finishing 324th in the 2014 World Cup Fantasy Football and leading the campaign to make a Lambrini pre-drinks acceptable.

James and Ollie are always keen to add to the Sports team, so if you have above average writing skills and below average chat, please get in contact with them at

James Angove – Online Sports Editor

James Angove is a second year PPE student who lives near enough to Sheffield to classify as a Northerner. Outside of representing/defending the North in Exeter, James enjoys watching rugby and anything vaguely political. A recent Chiefs convert, James’ favourite place in Exeter is thus far Sandy Park, but he can also be found watching American football, ice hockey, and boxing, invariably streaming from the comfort of his own room. Sport excepting, according to those that know him, James spends the rest of his time making snide comments and espousing the joys of vegetarianism and Scandinavia. The veracity of this representation is up for debate. Alongside his partner and occasional friend Ollie Lund he works for the online sport section of Exeposé, where they welcome articles about pretty much anything in the sporting world. If there is something you’d like to write about or any questions you might have, please get in touch at


Owain Evans – Print Sports Editor

If you can throw it, kick it, run with it or hit it with a bat/racquet, Owain’s probably watched it and knows some arcane facts about it. He is surely one of only a handful of people to have simultaneously possessed a season ticket for both a Premier League and a Major League Baseball team, whilst also watching copious amounts of cricket, ice hockey, American football, basketball and…just about anything else that can be found on a sport channel. When not watching, reading or writing about sport, you can often find Owain spewing out some overtly political opinions, working on his PPE degree (no, seriously) or falling ever deeper into the fiery pit of alcoholism.

Owain is looking forward to putting his sporting knowledge to good use in editing the Sport section of Exeposé in this coming year, and is hoping to help showcase some of the biggest sporting achievements that Exeter students can accomplish.


Lara Hopkins – Print Sports Editor

Lara is from a galaxy far, far away. Probably the north, although that’s a lie.