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New VP slams “anti-Semitic” accusations

The election of Malaka Shwaikh to three roles in the recent Students’ Guild elections has caused controversy, with the postgraduate student accused of anti-Semitism....

Booklets distributed on campus linking Palestinians with Nazism deemed ‘vomit-inducing’ [TWs...

B ooklets distributed in the forum building on Exeter's Streatham campus are coming under fire from students for "the demonization of Palestinians and Arabs". The booklets -...

“The Holocaust was a good time” reads slogan at Snowsports social

Anti-Semitic, racist slogans appeared across t-shirts at an Exeter Snowsports white t-shirt social, according to co-founder of +972 Magazine, Dimi Reider. Anti-Semitic, white supremacist slogans...

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