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Demonstrating ignorance in depicting assault

The Chinese New Year celebration was coming up on campus, and I had been very excited for it. Having lived in Hong Kong myself,...

Being left alone on a night out is not worth the...

This is one of those stories that you will probably read and it won't truly hit you. I saw articles like these all the...

Guild hosts #NeverOK Vigil

On Wednesday 18 March a candle-lit vigil will take pace from 5pm in aid of the #NeverOK campaign. Supported by the Chaplaincy, Voice, FemSoc, SAFE...

University staff warned as hunt for cyclist sexually assaulting women continues

The University of Exeter’s staff have recently received an email alerting them to an ongoing hunt for a cyclist who has been sexually assaulting...

Preview: Evolve

Fresh from the show floor of MCM London Comic Con, Alex Davies looks ahead to what we can expect from shooty hide-and-seek-em-up Evolve when it releases early...

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