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Free the nipple: a lesson in life-drawing

When I first considered modelling for a life-drawing class, I was pretty gung-ho about it all, and emailed into the University’s Art Society to...

A love/hate relationship

Kathy Giddins explains her love for romantic fiction, but Bea Fones can't get past the smutty erotica... ROMANCE isn’t dead - well at least not in novels....

Voting Vitriol – Why voters should stop overreacting

Because of the fact that I am currently travelling, after interrupting my studies, and unfortunately not having had to preparation skills to apply for...

Will it ever be OK?

Jessica Stanier and Bea Fones reflect on the Guild's sexual harasment campaign #NeverOK.     It’s all around you. It’s the roguish grin you’ve seen as they...

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