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The Big Features Quiz of 2016


The Battle for Mosul: Could this be it?

Mosul sits in the Northern most region of Iraq, on the grand Tigris river, the same water which flows through Baghdad 200 miles south....

Give me a paperback over an E-book any day

Books are one of the foundations of our culture. Fiction or non-fiction, funny or dark, long or short; there is literally something for everyone....

Is modern ballet en pointe?

Is ballet still the beautiful traditional dance form it always has been or is it crying out for a modern revival? "ballet has almost endless...

Pottering about

150 years ago this year, the beloved Beatrix Potter was born, going on to write some of the best-loved children’s books in English history. So...

Wrecked By Recording

Imagine if exam boards condoned Maths GCSE calculus units completed with the use of a smart phone calculator app rather than a scientific calculator....

Down and out in Panama and Iceland

Icelanders don’t mince their words; the Panama Papers scandal has been described as a 'betrayal', the Prime Minister as 'arrogant' and the country as...

Should we all just pick up a paintbrush?

The idea of releasing tension through art dates back to Aristotle's ideas of catharsis, where he believed that difficult emotions could be purged through...

Terror in Brussels: the city on 22 March

On the morning of 22 March, I was at my home in Brussels. I can only imagine how it must have felt to those out...

Vietnam and the backpacker’s burden

Among the online travel community, it is well known that Vietnam and backpackers have a rough relationship. Travel blogger, Nomadic Matt, wrote in his...

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