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Spiralising out of control?

W hat does it mean to be healthy? This term has become distorted with the rise of health food fads, with the latest being the...

‘Proper Tasty’ and the fall of civilisation

I'm under siege by food porn. Much as I'm loathe to use those words, there's no other way to describe the videos of oozing...

How this simple playlist can change the gym forever

Starting a new year at uni always brings another opportunity to make those ‘new year, new me’ oaths, pledging that we’ll eat healthier and...

“Very little help” available in Exeter

When waiting lists exceed four to six weeks, Wellbeing now “signposts” students to local services including the NHS Depression and Anxiety Service. Yet waits for...

Students still waiting on Wellbeing

27% increase in demand last term Students still face six week waits for treatment CBT waiting lists exceed six week ‘cap’ A year after Exeposé reported excessively long...

It’s all in your mind: Autism, crime, PTSD and animal therapy

Alexandra McIrvine is one of five new Features columnists who will be writing each fortnight. Alexandra’s column is based around the title ‘It’s all...

Mental health: are masculine ‘ideals’ a barrier to recovery?

After a recent study into depression released some shocking statistics, and amid current campaigns to reduce the pressure on men to ‘man up’, Jennifer...

Sense and Sensitivity: ‘clearing up’ emotional acne scars

Sarah Wood is one of five new Features columnists who will be writing each fortnight. Sarah's column is based around the title 'Sense and...

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