Saturday, August 19, 2017
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The iPhone turns ten years this year. Scary, right? For ten years we have been at the mercy of this tiny, handheld device, subject...

Kim you imagine a better economical system?

SUBVERTING   the   expectations of a grandiose, verbose treatise, Kim moves within the realms of media,implanting herself in her own game: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. What’s that,...


Recently 2K Games announced it would be remaking the original Bioshock for iOS devices, an announcement that came shortly after the game’s original studio,...

Late Night Lists: Critical Readings of Flappy Bird

I don't know if you've heard, but English is not a totally pointless degree, here we put it to great effect, asking "what is...

A Comparison in Self-Aggrandisement: Pretentious Game vs. Angry Birds Go!

Narrative Pretentious Game tells the story of a little blue square that falls in love, and his quest to prove himself. I can’t tell you...

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