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Live review: Stornoway @ Exeter Phoenix

“W e honestly never dreamed we’d come this far,” Stornoway front man Brian Briggs admits. “Swindon, perhaps… but Exeter? No way.” The whoop this earns...

Crystal Balls, Raw Steaks and The Lady Downstairs: a Q&A with...

B ack in October, Oxford-bred indie folk makers Stornoway hit us with some sad news: they'd soon be parting ways after ten years together. The good bit?...

Stornoway at RAMM, 16/5/15

Following our interview with Stornoway, Kate Burgess and Emma Berrill headed down to Exeter's Royal Albert Memorial Museum for nostalgia trips and taxidermy. Let us set...

An interview with Stornoway

Joining bugs and World War photography, Scott Ford looked around the Royal Albert Memorial Museum to find Oxford's indie quartet Stornoway among the exhibitions. You...

Interview with Stornoway

It’s been a long and silent wait since the excitement surrounding Stornoway’s 2010 album Beachcomber’s Windowsill calmed, and touring slowed to an almost-standstill. Number...

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