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Interview with Jess Brittain

This week I got the chance to talk to Jess Brittain about her upcoming TV show Clique. She started out in the industry writing...

Review: Eye in the Sky

As I left the cinema following an opening-day screening of Eye in the Sky, the atmosphere of hushed thoughtfulness said it all. Eye in the Sky is...

Review: ‘Mind of Winter’ by Laura Kasischke

Chloe Forsyth puzzles over award-winning psychological thriller Mind of Winter. It has taken me 24 hours and a lot of head scratching to decide what to think of the abrupt...

Review: Kingsman

Matthew Vaughn’s films might not explore the human condition or ask profound philosophical questions, but damn it does he know how to make a...

Review: Nightcrawler

Online Screen Editor Will Cafferky gives his verdict on the debut thriller from director and writer Dan Gilroy, which signals a coming-of-age for it's star Jake...

Review: Orphan Black

Corrupted identities and exceptional performance, Bethany Baker reviews the Canadian show which has taken the BBC by storm.  For most dramas, a woman jumping in front of...

December New Releases

Prepare yourself for a Christmas full of intensely thrilling and addictive books… Peter May is the multitalented author of the infamous and award-winning Lewis Trilogy, the...

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