Saturday, August 19, 2017
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The Sabb – How the elections work

So we know there is a large buzz for students running to be in a society committee, but let’s talk about the unsung heroes...

Exeter Sabbatical Elections 2017: The Results

Exeter’s new Guild President will be Shades, it was announced tonight – following a record-breaking elections week which saw 44% of students turn out...

Toby Glad-WINS Guild President election

T oby Gladwin stormed to victory at the Guild Election results night on Friday, beating off competition to become the newly elected Students’ Guild President for...

Exeposé at the VP Education debate

Exeposé was out in force at the VP Education debate on Monday night to witness 5 candidates so you didn't have to... Exeposé was in...

Who do you think won the VP Education debate?

 Who do you think came out on top in the second sabb debate, vote below and have your say!

Exeposé at the Vice President Education Debate

Exeposé went along to the Vice President Education Debate this evening. If you didn't manage to attend or catch the broadcast on XpressionFM, read...

Huge increase in Sabb candidates as elections loom

The announcement of the full list of candidates running for Sabbatical Officers has shown an approximate 50% increase on last year, after 31 students...

Sabb elections voting to open in February

Voting for the Students’ Guild Sabbatical Officer elections will open at the beginning of Campaigns Week on Monday 3 February at 9am. The week will...

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