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Four Books for the Apocalypse – Michael Morpurgo


Four BooksIn the first edition of our new online feature, we ask literary legend Michael Morpurgo what his Four Books for the Apocalypse would be…

When Exeposé writers Emily Lunn and Tom Bond recently interviewed Michael Morpurgo they asked him:

If it was the end of the world and you were in a bookshop with the time to read any four books of your choice, what would they be?

And he responded:

Oh crikey. There’s a wonderful book called The Man Who Planted Trees by Jean Giono. It’s very short and it’s a story of a student who was walking in the hillside of Provence, meeting up with an old shepherd. It’s a very strange story about this very violent man, the shepherd and how this man makes a forest out of an arid hillside – it’s one of the most important books. I would say certainly you’d have to take the plays of Shakespeare along with the sonnets because you can go on reading them all your life and you wouldn’t understand the half of it. That’s important so that you can constantly be stretching yourself. Then, there’s a very beautiful novella by Paul Gallico called The Snow Goose, which is about an old recluse, living on the East coast of England and a young girl and the saving of a snow goose that is crippled. It is a very very beautiful story. Then I suppose you’d have to take a book of poetry, maybe The Rattlebag by Seamus Heaney and Ted Hughes, an extraordinary collection of the great poems and you’d never tire of reading them.

Don’t forget to look out for the full edition of Michael’s interview in the next issue of Exepose!

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