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Sunblock: Student vote launched to ban The Sun from campus

Image credits: The Sun
Image credits: The Sun

Sales of The Sun newspaper could get banned from campus if enough students vote in favour of a controversial motion to boycott the title as part of a ‘No More Page 3’ campaign.

Supporters of the campaign, which started in summer 2012, say that bare breasts featured in The Sun objectify women and encourage readers to view women as sex objects.

The Students’ Guild has confirmed that a vote is to be held in week three of the current term after they received a complaint from a student.

If the motion is passed, The Sun will be removed from The Students’ Shop and the Guild may lobby the University, who control the Market Place, to do the same.

Virginia Walsh, a second year History student, raised the complaint with the Students’ Guild. Walsh told Exeposé: “In my opinion this campaign is really important, because Page 3 perpetuates dangerous ideas about a women’s worth. It creates unattainable and unnatural images of women, which can have really negative effects on girls’ body image.

“The boycott is only until the editors remove the bare boobs from the newspaper, since this is the central aim of the wider campaign.”

Deanna Quirke, the Guild’s Gender Equality Representative, added: “Us making a stance as a University to support this vote will not turn Exeter in an overseas North Korean colony. However, it might just a part in granting little girls a society where they aren’t seen as decorate objects to be leered at”.

The motion has provoked a strong reaction from some students. George Causer, a second year Politics student, said: “If you don’t like The Sun newspaper, don’t buy The Sun newspaper.

“It’s not the job of the University to decide what is an approved publication. The University is meant to promote free speech, not repress it.”

Nick Davies, Guild President, said it was “fantastic to see students taking the lead”, adding: “This campaign is sure to stir up involvement across campus and spark debate amongst the student body. Whichever way the vote falls, it will all be down to the student vote, which is exactly how changes should be made within the Guild.”

In December 2012, the London School of Economics (LSE) controversially banned the title from its shops. Since then, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Manchester Metropolitan, Dundee and Teddy Hall Oxford have also joined the boycott.

Follow the development of the campaigns via the official Guild website, or via www.exepose.ex.ac.uk

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Tom Payne, News Team


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